-- Mick Foley recently spoke with The Score about his 1,000th Raw appearance, a Hall of Fame induction and more:

On RAW 1000: "I personally got a kick out of it. I had said previously that I would have liked to do something more substantial (at RAW 1000) like cut a serious promo, but there will be time - I can do that 2 months from now, for example. Looking at the legends dressing room, 2 things were noticeable - how fortunate we were to be among those selected to take part in RAW 1000, and this one is very telling, it was a locker room full of legends and they're talking about Heath Slater and how much they enjoyed their interaction with him"

On playing at 'Just for Laughs' and how important that is: "Montreal, because there's so many indsutry people there, it can be a tough crowd. They're not necessarily going to laugh at everything, but they'll take it in and I'm hoping that some of my fans will attend and make it an exciting atmosphere"

On the WWE Hall of Fame and when he'd like to go in: "I do hope it's this year. It would mean a lot to me honestly. One of the most telling moments of my relationship with WWE is when I got the phone call asking if I'd mind if they mentioned my book on their show when I was working with another company. When I heard the book being mentioned, every reservation I had or any semblance of bitterness vanished you know. I used to go around, not making a big deal out of [the WWE Hall of Fame]. Its like being in a relationship, if you give too much of yourself you risk being hurt. So if I said 'Oh of course I'd love to be in the Hall of Fame' I'd be letting them have that and make my career seem less important if I didn't get it."

On who he'd like to induct him: "I think who it would come down to is one of two people, Terry Funk or Jim Ross. It would hurt me to not have one of them there, because Terry, he was a mentor and wrestler. And J.R. put his reputation, possibly his job on the line to bring me in because Vince was not sold believe it or not on Mick Foley, he was not a Mick Foley fan when I came into the company and it took quite a while for him to become one."

-- Here are tonight's confirmed WWE SmackDown matches:

* IC Title Match: The Miz © vs. Christian

* Jinder mahal vs. Ryback

* Non-Title Match: Sheamus © vs. Cody Rhodes

* Non-Title Match: Santino Marella © vs. Antonio Cesaro w/Aksana

* Yoshi Tatsu vs. Damien Sandow:

* #1 Contender's Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kane vs. Daniel Bryan