Credit: Ken McAndrew and PWInsider

Mick Foley was among the talents brought in for yesterday's Top Rope Championship Wrestling event promoted by Marvin Ward (formerly AWE, which produced the Night of Legends PPV with Kevin Nash vs. Ricky Morton on top). He took part in a Stand Up show, which featured a Q&A:

The Q&A was originally scheduled to start at 4pm. Earlier on the day of the event, the promoter emailed saying it was delayed until 5:15pm because of Foley's traveling (more on that during the Q&A). The doors opened at 4:30pm as planned, but the Q&A didn't start until nearly 6pm due to Foley's travel issues. They kept fans up to date and eventually noted folks could go do their other VIP signings while they waited. I went out and Jake Roberts and the Rock 'n Roll Express were out there, along with some of the indy guys like Jamie Olivencia (who said he was going to tone down the number of times he said his own name, which he did). They also moved the wrestling bell time to 8:30pm and held the VIP signees beyond 8pm so folks in the Q&A could get their autographs.

Finally the Foley Q&A started. First he was asked if there was anything he's ever said "no" to that a promoter has suggested. He noted that he'd do things to himself voluntarily, but would be more cautious letting others do something to him. He did say there were some things he's said "no" to. Also, he said that there were too many poor choices being made on smaller shows. (Later on, some guys next to me at the matches noted a guy who tried to do a moonsault to the outside and hit the guardrail, and another who did a top rope move and hit his head on the post, busting himself open, so Foley might have a point!)

Foley was asked the origin of the stump-puller (wedgie) piledriver. He said he had to do things differently than others because of his physical limitations, and that he adapted this version of the piledriver because of it. He told a funny story of doing it to guys, like Shane Douglas in ECW, where their trunks would stay lodged up their rears because they didn't realize it had happened. He also told a story about the John Cena/CM Punk match from a few weeks ago at Raw, and how irate Vince was at the piledriver used in the match, saying Vince had to be physically restrained from going out after it happened.

Foley was asked if he wanted to have one last match, and if so where and with who. He was also asked if he'd go out to dinner with the questioner's family. His answers were "no" and "no." On the match, he said he's done, but if he were to wrestle again, he would've fought CM Punk during their promos last year. On dinner, Foley noted that the reason he was late was that he'd flown from Long Island to Flagstaff, then back to Virginia, and had to fly back out west to accept an award for Paul Bearer. So he was a little tired! (On Facebook some fans were complaining about Foley not seeming like he wanted to be there during the VIP signing…he was personable to me, but I was near the end of the Q&A/VIP line, and when I got my autograph there was a -long- line for Foley still.)

Foley was asked by a 12-year-old fan if it hurt when Undertaker threw him off the Cell in 1998. Foley noted that question makes him feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, because he's always asked that. He talked about some of the other reactions he's gotten (like "the table broke your fall" to which Foley said "of course, it's a magic table!") and also how Terry Funk bought him time and that his first reaction when moving after that was "how'd those shoes get in the ring?" He told the story about wanting to poke his tongue through the hole in his lip and how it looked like he was smiling, inducing JR's call. Foley did say he'd let the question go because the kid was young, but if he asked it again when he was 14, they'd have to rumble.

Foley was asked about the best and worst ribs he's seen (with worst being "bad idea"). He noted that in the early days, there were a lot of guys who'd pull a rib on a new wrestler by whipping out a gun and pretending to kill another guy, but those wouldn't happen today. For the best, he picked a rib on Jonathan Coachman, where they had him arrested for racketeering...