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Superstars matches were Heath Slater over Alex Riley and Lord Tensai over Tyson Kidd both by pin.

Some side notes for you...the YES chants were off the charts outside and inside the arena while the crowd was filing in. The crowd was really hot for the dark match and Superstars taping. We tailed off some during the HHH promo, but the place went nuts again for the Punk/Santino vs. Bryan/Rhodes match. Bryan was over beyond belief.

Then the trouble started and WWE booking was the cause. The Divas match drew absolutely NO response from the crowd. Then there was an extremely long wait before the next match due to promos or whatever what was being shown on TV. Kane vs. Big Show had very little crowd reaction until the begging and firing bit between Show and Johnny L. The crowd really bought into the Big Show's performance and gave him a very nice "Thank you, Big Show" chant. The six man tag drew little reaction. There was a standing ovation for the National Guard commercial shown to the arena and huge USA chant. Orton vs. Jericho pretty much left the crowd confused to as to who they wanted to they pretty much sat there. A Y2J chant broke out for awhile. That was actually pretty interesting considering the amount of children in attendance. I think the most amazing part of the show might have been John Cena of all people breaking the crowd out of its coma. He had us in the palm of his hand for whatever reason. We had no idea when the show ended. People started leaving quickly and kept filing out during the Punk/Jericho and six man main event dark matches. It seemed as if nobody knew they were scheduled.

Overall, a disappointing show leading into a PPV and way to much sitting around for a hot crowd that wanted to be heard and weren't given any chances. WWE booking dropped the ball big time after having horrible crowd reactions the last few weeks. The people were willing, but the WWE wasn't able. People were also willing to buy the latest CM Punk shirt and they ran out of children's and most of the adult sizes before Raw even went on the air. WWE really needs to get their act together and judge their live crowds better. They really seem to be out of the loop of what we want. They need to take a lesson from TNA of all people.

Tons of YES chants outside the arena after the show.