-- As noted late last night here on the website, Abraham Washington says that signs referencing him were confiscated at RAW on Monday. AW, aka Brian Jossie, posted the following on Twitter, referencing both the signs and JTG's squash match:

"Anyone that has had their sign taken from them in support of me should realize that the #WWE are the real bullies!!! #BeAFuckingStar.

After JTG just ripped their ass on twitter he's showcased but I'm fired for saying support Linda! Now watch them bury him...

What else can I say... JTG just got did in for his disrespect to his masters.. #IAintOnThePlantation.

I would love to be on Pipers Pit!! That muthafucka would be speechless! He ain't neva met a guy like me....

AbeWashVsPipersPit! In my opinion Piper's Pit wins. He was allowed to speak his mind! They would neva let me speak my mind #ILLUMINATED.

I'd destroy that muthafucka!! #BigFanOfThePit #HeAintBettaThanMe..

I will be addressing the wrestling universe soon..

The #WWE is afraid of me...

Vince you shook my hand and betrayed me within the same week..."

-- The following have been announced for tomorrow's Smackdown taping:

* The determination of a new #1 contender to Sheamus' World Heavyweight Title

* Alberto Del Rio confronts Booker T about losing his SummerSlam title shot

* Winner Becomes Booker T's Assistant: Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres