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Kevin Owens
Kevin Steen
  • Birthdate: 05/07/1984 (age 31)
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 266 Ib

He is currently signed to WWE, where he works i...

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We noted late last night here on the website that ROH World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Steen attacked two men at ringside at the conclusion of the ROH Boiling Point iPPV. Zack Zimmerman, who was sitting two rows behind the men hit, stated the following about the incident…

"Kevin Steen assaulted two fans who mixed words with him post match. Steen grabbed one and made out with him. The man shoved Steen and Steen swung and hit the man in the face and then hit the fan next to him who spat. If these men were plants, they were interacting with us all night and were very convincing as fans. One man bled from the lip. The men were two rows in front of me and Steen POTATOED both."

The incident was caught on camera and security was shown jumping the barricade after the men before cameras quickly cut away to Steen leaving ringside. It appears the fans had been exchanging words with Steen during the main event and Steen jokingly kissed the one guy. A friend then spit on him and he was hit as well. If this is real, this isn't good news for Ring of Honor or Kevin Steen. There have been incidents in the past with Steen where management hasn't been happy with him. It didn't appear to be a work but we'll see.

In an update on this, reader TheRoonDogg posted the following in our comments section: I was in attendance and the two individuals in the crowd were idiots. All night. Steen even feigned swinging a folding chair at them mid match as they were being so annoying. I happily shook Silkan's (? On spelling) hand on the way out and he said he'd have the company back in R.I. and wasn't overly concerned about the issue. Steen needs to sucker punch more bitches anyway.

A Twitter user with the handle @Fork_Tongue also posted the following: "s--t talking fans. Steen kissed one. Fan pushed Steen. Steen punched him. His friend spit, got hit. Steens fault. The end."

Following the incident, Steen went on Twitter and said "I'm not sorry." When a fan tweeted Steen with the following, "For kissing him? You should be. That's the unwanted physical contact that will end up being the death of ROH. Nice work champ.", the ROH World Champion replied with a simple "Thanks!"

Again, it doesn't appear this was a work by any means. It was just a case of two obnoxious fans who had been causing issues throughout the night. Nonetheless, a talent hitting fans in attendance isn't the smartest move in the world and could obviously open the company up for a future lawsuit.