Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- Bully Ray recently spoke with about re-signing with TNA, nothing that it was in his best interests to stay but that he would consider a WWE return once his contract comes up again.

"Pro wrestling is a business just like any other business, and you always go where the best opportunities and the best money is," he said. "So whenever it comes time to negotiate, I always leave myself open to make whatever the best decision is in my world, in my best interest. Sticking with TNA right now was in my best interest. When my contract is up with TNA, you never know. I might retire, I could end up with another company. You never know where you're going to end up and you never know if a company's gonna still want you around. So you always leave things open-ended. It's a smart move."

-- As we noted earlier here on the website, Vince McMahon was not in a good mood at RAW earlier this afternoon. During a creative meeting today, McMahon was quoted as saying "I want results or I want resignations." After a decade of being the lead writer on RAW, Brian Gewirtz was relived of his duties. Gewirtz is still working as a consultant. There are people in shock over Gewirtz being removed from his head writer position. Also, many feel this is basically a case of "Vince blaming everyone but himself." It's still a PG product and Vince still approves the final script so don't expect much to change. With that being said, there are numerous people worried about their jobs.