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Ryan Reeves
  • Birthdate: 11/10/1981 (age 33)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 291 Ib

After being one of the eight finalists on WWE T...

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UPDATE x 2: Ryback continued the odd string of Twitter posts earlier today. He tweeted that his house show appearance in Buffalo, New York last night was his "last show." Ryback was in action teaming up with Curtis Axel. They lost to the Prime Time Players at the event.

You can check out Ryback's latest series of tweets below:

Last night at my last show the crowd chanted Ryback and Ryback Rules clap clap clap over and over. I thank you it will forever be remembered

Would like to thank the internet community for all of the support through these confusing times. Not sure where my career stands I may quit.

Only thing I ask from all of u the great internet community is follow me get me to a million followers and declare me your king. KingBigGuy

UPDATE: As reported last night, Ryback took to Twitter to act like a heel as he tends to do and caused some confusion when he posted:

"Was just released. Thank you"

That Tweet, along with others, have since been deleted from his account. Ryback was not actually claiming that he was released by WWE; as he had noted on Twitter, he was pulled over by a cop car under the belief that his GPS was a cell phone. When he said he was "released," it was meant to mean that the officer let him drive away.

We can confirm that Ryback is still with WWE and has definitely not been released.

ORIGINAL: Ryback (or someone claiming to be him) took to Twitter today and posted several posts directed at Internet fans and commenting on Dolph Ziggler's concussion. Here are the comments, which have now been deleted from his account as he has deleted all of his comments once again…

Ryback Fact: The Big Guy is a believer in Tweet n Delete . Nobody has ever deleted more tweets than the Human Wrecking Ball!

Rumors circulating Ryback is being discussed to be the new Terminator in 2015. His ring entrance will soon include electricity and nudity.

Forearm gave The Showoff a concussion . Excessive hand grip use n rock hard muscle is reported 2 have been the cause n has been disciplined

What are the Ryback Rules? 1. I always win. 2. I never lose . 3. If I do lose I still win. Thank you internet 2013 you made me a rich man.

Not only have you the internet community praised me for my power and strength, but you have taken notice of my technical abilities.

"Breaking News the name Big E actually refers to his bra size!"

Was just released. Thank you

Breaking news Tensai did not sandbag me. I lied. I was released though.

Thank you all for the support. I am a man of positivity. Thank God the officer released me with no ticket. He mistook my gps for a phone.

While he has deleted the tweets, they still show up on his WWE superstar page. WWE has not confirmed the release, so at this time, it appears as if Ryback is continuing to have fun with fans on Twitter or was hacked. If he wasn't hacked, he's likely going to be in some deep shit!