More On The Concern Over CM Punk, Jimmy Hart/WWE


— With John Cena currently out of action due to recent shoulder surgery and Randy Orton taking “time off” to shoot 12 Rounds: Reloaded, a lot of people within WWE have been talking about the lack of roster depth these days with only CM Punk remaining as one of the top draws. As we noted earlier, CM Punk’s travel schedule is brutal. He’s working non-stop with promotional tours, Comic-Con events and all WWE live events. There is obviously concern due to this and the fear is that he’ll eventually get “worn out” similar to what has happened to numerous other WWE talents over the years. Some backstage have noted that Punk has been looking extremely tired as of late.

— With CM Punk being the company “workhorse” but still not being viewed as the “top top” guy like John Cena, there have been comparisons made to Bret Hart as we noted earlier. Bret was considered WWE’s “workhorse” in the mid-90’s but still in the shadow and not on the same level as Hulk Hogan at the time.

— WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart is featured in today’s “Superstar Spotlight” on

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