Kevin Nash
Kevin Scott Nash
  • Birthdate: 07/09/1959 (age 55)
  • Height: 6'10"
  • Weight: 315 Ib

Kevin Nash is signed to a five-year contract wi...

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-- Heath Slater wrote the following on Twitter Wednesday about his WrestleMania 28 segment with rapper Flo Rida: “I would beat up @official_flo he is a cheap shot artist. If its 1 on 1 he has no chance… He didn’t do nothing.. but throw a cheap shot.. #WrestleMania was Great and if @official_flo puts his hands on me again there will be Hell to pay…”

-- WWE star Titus O’Neil wore a hoodie on this week’s episode of NXT for the Trayvon Martin shooting that has been in the media lately. Titus told WWE’s website: “The hoodie symbolizes my support of justice being served in the Trayvon Martin case. As a father of two – whether I’m a good guy or a bad buy in WWE – I’m a father. I can definitely understand the value of our children. I wore the hoodie in support of Martin’s family, as families around the world have done.”

-- Kevin Nash wrote the following to Brock Lesnar on Twitter: “@DCBROCKLESNAR It’s Nash want to talk to you,remember all of us, me included bought every fight you had.You’re the baddest man on this planet”

-- While the “YES!” chants for Daniel Bryan have gone over well with WWE officials, some in charge believe that the chants will end beginning with next week’s WWE tapings and things will go back to normal for Bryan as far as crowd reaction goes. Despite WWE expecting the chants to eventually go away, they will be releasing a new “YES” t-shirt soon.