Hornswoggle with beard on his face
Dylan Postl
  • Birthdate: 05/29/1986 (age 30)
  • Height: 4'5"
  • Weight: 142 Ib

He was the last Cruiserweight Champion before t...

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-- Hornswoggle tweeted the following about teaming up with Brodus Clay on SmackDown Friday night. "Had an amazing time joining @BrodusClay on #SmackDown tonight!!! WWE Universe, tell "them" that you want to see more of the "Tiny-Dactyl"!"

-- After AJ Lee took out her relationship frustrations on Natalya, the Canadian Diva posted several updated on her Twitter account as a response.

"I get it. @WWEAJLEE treated me the way she "wanted" to treat Daniel Bryan. I just never expected it from her."

"What I do know @WWEAJLEE, is that no matter how many punches to the face I receive, you can be sure I'm going to rise from the ashes."

"It's people like @WWEAJLEE who make me realize what I am truly made of. I've faced so much adversity In my life, but it has made me stronger"

You can check out a video of AJ & Natalya's match from SmackDown below: