-- Trish Stratus has a new t-shirt available on her website (TrishStratus.com). It advertises her website and her yoga studio, Stratusphere Yoga.

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-- Shane Helms noted on Twitter that he brought his newborn son Sebastian home from the hospital yesterday. The arrival was premature, as Sebastian's due date was August 12th. Helms posted:

And for those that have asked, @SebastianGHelms is doing awesome! Wasn't supposed to be born until Aug 12, yet came HOME on July 2nd! :-)

To say life is a Roller Coaster may be the understatement of ALLLL understatements! LOL

You can plan for the future all you want, but that shit is gonna happen the way it wants to!! :-) :-)

I like to refer to @SebastianGHelms as a Premature Evacuator! LOL He had shit to do!! :-)