...and it was funny because the whole time Hebner was laughing in her face. Other than that, typical match. Tara retained with the Widow's Peak.

Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. Daniels came out and talked trash to the crowd. Next, AJ Styles came out to the second biggest pop of the night. Finally, Hernandez came out and then the match got started. The match was back and forth between AJ and Daniels for the majority of the match. Finally, Hernandez got a few punches in and knocked Daniels out of the ring. Hernandez finally went back and forth with AJ and pinned him. Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles

Bully Ray defeated Kurt Angle. This match was like an old fashioned match with classic moves from both guys. Bully Ray defeated Kurt Angle and after the match they shook hands and Kurt raised Bully's hand in respect for him. Then, after Kurt got out of the ring, Bully got a mic and said that he was going to call out Devon on Thursday on Impact and was planning on putting him through a table. Bully Ray defeated Kurt Angle

During the intermission I decided to go and get some shirts from the merchandise table. Earl Hebner and Brian Hebner were busy signing Earl's "Damn Right I Did" shirt. So, anyway, I bought my shirts and a few minutes later the show started back up. Then, Christy announced Earl Hebner and he came out and announced that Harley Race was there tonight. He stood up and waved to the crowd.

Mr. Anderson and James Storm defeated Aces and Eights. Mr. Anderson came out first and started talking trash and then someone goes "Packers suck!" He just laughed and said that was going to ignore that comment. Then James Storm got in the ring and they did some pretty funny banter with the crowd. Next, Aces & 8's came out and the match started. The match had some pretty fun spots. One particular spot was when Storm landed on the ring on the his stomach and then somehow it ended up in "leap frog" type of game. It was pretty funny! Everyone had a good laugh from that. Otherwise a very nicely done back and forth between both teams. A lot of Aces & 8's trying to double team Storm and Mr. Anderson.

Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. This match was kind of typical between the two. It's not that it was a bad match, but, it was just predictable accept some fun spots involving fans that were in the front row. At one point Roode even took a kid's poster and ripped it up. Hardy then tossed him his shirt and the kid tried to trash talk to Roode, but, got intimidated and backed down from Roode. Hardy got a lot of pinfalls and then finally won with Twist of Fate. That was the last match and after it was announced that if you wanted to take a picture with Jeff Hardy you could. There was no return date mentioned.