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Ring of Honor Announce team, Former ROH World Champion Heavyweight Champion Nigel McGuinness and former WWE Commentator Kevin Kelly, joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 30 minute interview, they discussed Nigel’s upcoming DVD project, their thought on the ROH World Champion Kevin Steen, how Nigel McGuinness would tackle the challenge of Kevin Steen in the ring, who they both think will be the next ROH Tag Team Champions, Jay Lethal’s new mean streak, about Mike Mondo, his talent and if Mondo could be a World Title holder one day, do they see the House of Truth lasting past this year, if a returning Matt Hardy a possible wrench to Steen’s title reign, do they feel ROH can carve a true niche for itself into the world of professional wrestling, who they believe will win ‘Survival of the Fittest 2012′ and so much more.

Is Kevin Steen the most maniacal champion you’ve have ever seen in your career:

KK: Steen, he’s an interesting cocktail, that’s for sure. As there is a dark side to him him, there is also something very charming about him, and I’ve seen both sides. But make no mistake about it, to me, he is an extremely selfish individual. Like, when he came out in New York at Best in the World and told all the fans basically that had supported him, exactly what he thought of them, that really just sunk to a new level that I really just found distasteful. And I think if Cornette just stopped paying so much attention to him, it might not resonate so much with everybody. It’s almost as if Cornette has made it worse; by giving the attention needing child so much attention, now he’s getting the attention he wants. But I’ve seen a lot of guys through the years that have been able to hit upon that emotional button; Stone Cold Steve Austin, certainly. He’s got a mix of Brian Pillman in him. There’s a little bit of a lot of guys I see in Kevin Steen but he really is his own man. But he’s got a hell of a test on Saturday.

Who do they see winning the ROH Tag Team Title Tournament:

KK: “I think the Briscos are going all the way because you’ve got Coleman and Alexander who have never won the big one; you’ve got Rhett Titus and Charlie Haas who are a make-shift tag team, and you’ve got Corino and Jacobs who certainly know how to win matches but they haven’t proven that they can certainly beat the Briscos or a number of other teams here in ROH. I think it’s the Briscos to lose… Picking the Briscos is kind of like picking Tiger Woods or the field. It’s a pretty safe bet picking Mark and Jay.”

NM: “Well, they (The Briscos) are the founding fathers of tag team wrestling, pretty much, in Ring of Honor. They’ve been here since the beginning and they’ve certainly got everything going for them going into this one, without a doubt. But, I don’t know. Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, they’ve got that something, that ability to turn it on, on that big stage.”

Which Jay Lethal do we get this weekend vs Homicide: the good Lethal or the edgier Lethal:

NM: “I think it will be the latter, you know what I mean. Jay’s been around Ring of Honor for a long time; he’s obviously had some success with other companies as well. I think, certainly now, he’s very aware, that now’s the time to step up and move to the next level in Ring of Honor, or not. And I think Homicide is going to be a great test to that end.

KK: I think, again, this match and his new found attitude are the only things that could lead him to the Ring of Honor World Title at this time. You have to look at the landscape of the company. Now, let’s say it was Ring of Honor of a few years ago, when Nigel McGuinness was World Champion, I would profess Jay Leathal as really sharpening his wrestling skills. But, when you have a brawler like Steen who’s ruling the roost, you’ve got to find a way to get a mean streak and get nasty. He really opened some eye when he did what he did to Matt Taven, and he made now excuses about it which is what I liked even more. And this match with Homicide is the perfect test for him to be able to apply: ‘Does he really have a mean streak or is it just a put-on?’ Is it really Jay Lethal, is he really ready to fight, is he really ready to spill another mans’ blood; is he really ready? We’re going to find out Saturday, because Homicide is going to want to beat Jay Lethal just as badly as Jay Lethal wants to beat Homicide. Homicide wants to end his career and legacy within ROH as a two-time World Champion. And he can’t go about it losing matches when he needs victories over guys who are in-contendership for the World title.”

Do they see the House of Truth surviving for the foreseeable future or not:

KK: “No, I don’t see the House of Truth lasting beyond this year, but then again, you know, Truth Martini has pulled rabbits out of his hat before. I think it’s beginning to come to a head and it wouldn’t shock me if something happens this Saturday; this should be a walk in the park for Strong and Elgin because Irish Airborne have come a long way since the last time fans have seen them in Ring of Honor, you may not recognize them anymore if you were seeing them back in the day, but this should be a rout and if it’s not and it gets personal between these guys, at some point it might boil over and it might be this Saturday.”

Can ROH carve out a niche for itself in the larger professional wrestling climate:

NM: Yes, it’s definitely possible. We’ve got a lot of talented guys here, both in-ring and outside of the ring. You’ve just got to understand that there’s a lot that goes into doing that; when you talk about the effect that ECW had on the wrestling industry, it was a different world that the wrestling industry today. Professional wrestling, as a whole is down, the interest in professional wrestling is down now. In the late 90’s it was, arguably, in the biggest boom it had ever seen in its history. The fact that we’ve got Sinclair behind us now, and that not to take anything away from when Cary (Silkin) was in charge or anything else, but to have that sort of national stage, is certainly a huge opportunity for us to carve out a niche, and I’m excited to see what we can do to do that.”

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