Charlie Haas
Charles Doyle Haas II
  • Birthdate: 03/27/1972 (age 44)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 249 Ib

He is best known for his appearances with World...

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Credit: Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

Nigel McGuinness recently spoke about his documentary, Jay Briscoe's title victory and more. Here are the highlights…

Was there any doubt, in his mind, that Jay Briscoe would beat Kevin Steen at Supercard of Honor VII: "I think going in, I was a little, yeah. You've got to understand, Jay's a guy who has had every accolade there is as a tag team wrestler but, and I'm sure he'll be the first to admit, hasn't really achieved that level of success as a singles wrestler. I remember the first time I won the belt, the World Championship; it was actually Jay who was the first guy I fought for the belt. At the time, Jay was not fodder, I mean he was the first guy in line a lot of times for champions when they first won the belt, so I think a lot of guys felt we didn't give him much of a hope. So, you know, there was some doubt in my mind but I told Jim beforehand and we had a few "I's" to dot and "T's" to cross before we got the match set up and in our discussions it was all glorious. So yeah, there was a little bit of doubt and then when the match started, I got that feeling, you know, that this was going to be something special and it certainly turned out to be."

His reaction to Charlie Haas and his surprise retirement announcement: "Well, I wasn't there for the show, so I didn't see it; all I heard is what people have told me about it after the fact. I could come out here and say things about Charlie, things I've felt for a long time, but I'm a bigger man than that. I could get drunk and go out there and make an ass out of myself but I'm an adult and I don't do that. You know what I mean? If there's ever a day when I need to talk to Charlie, I'll talk to Charlie face-to-face and that's the way I do business; I don't air my dirty laundry in public. I could say a lot of things about him, his place in that company, his place in the business in general but I won't do it because I'm a positive guy and I want to speak about the positives of Ring of Honor as opposed to the negatives."

On Kevin Steen being excommunicated from SCUM and if he can be reformed to ROH: "I don't know if I ever thought he was evil, in the truest sense. You've got to remember, that word was ascribed to him by other people within the company. I've known Kevin since the very first day he and El Generico came to the company. I always knew he had a dark side, an evil streak; perhaps we all knew he had that side to him. My concern was more for Corino; if there are any fingers to be pointed in that direction, it would be at Steve Corino. Kevin Steen is a passionate guy, he felt very passionately that Ring of Honor was better off without Jim Cornette, he spoke very openly about that and I think now that Jim is no longer with the company, he probably feel s that he no longer needs to voice that sort of aggression quite so strongly."

His involvement in the Wrestling Cares Association and their event this weekend in Los Angeles: "I am, very much. I've been involved with it for the last six months. I originally met David Jackson, who is the President; caught a flight out to Las Vegas last year and we talked briefly then and towards the end of last year, we basically decided I would come on board. Les Thatcher, my original trainer, was on board already; the goal originally was to open up a wrestling school, and it still is, to open up a wrestling school here in the Los Angeles area, but also run this year-long ‘Race for the Ring' tournament. We sat down about two to three months ago to plan this thing out and we're trying to something a little bit different. Now, I've been using a lot of the skills that I've learned editing the documentary together to make a lot of the highlight videos of all the guys that are going to be out there. We're trying to take wrestling, we're not going to go ‘old-school' and say ‘wrestling needs to be like it was then' because we know wrestling has to evolve. So, what we're trying to do is take the best of the old-school stuff but evolve it to make it interesting, new and different. To do that, we're...