Credit: Eric Sturrock and PWInsider

-- Before the show. Ultimate Warrior was signing autographs on the floor of the civic center with black curtains surrounding him so no one could sneak a picture of him. Warrior's autograph line was longer then the line to meet everyone else on the stage. Warriors line went from backstage to the stands to the other side of the building.

Unlike past years, there was no cut off to meet the wrestlers on the stage due to its line not being that long. 7:30pm came which was the original ring start time and Warrior's line was still long. At 7:45pm the last of the wrestlers signing on the stage left which was Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, & Brian Anthony. Warrior finished signing at 8:15pm. Warrior was charging from $45-$100 so he made big money tonight.

-- The Civic Center was 95% full. With only a few seats on the floor open and only a tiny section of bleacher seats empty. The ring announcer was Vincent Berry. Highspots was filming the event. With a camera on the stage and two handheld cameras. The two commentators who have done Northeast wrestling DVDs for Highspots in the past were the commentary team on the stage.

-- Vincent Berry introduces a local country radio host. The radio host is booed. The radio host plugs the NY Giants being in the Civic Center next Sunday. He threw out some shirts to the fans. Radio host left and Berry hyped tonight's matches. The timekeeper kept running around the ring looking under the ring. I believe he was looking for the ring bell which he found.

- Jake Manning vs. Jerry Lawler. Ref Sean Hanson. Manning is dressed as a cub scout. Hanson checked Lawler for weapons before the match then Manning. Manning gained offence right away with a bodyslam on Lawler. Manning taunted the fans. Lawler came right back with a bodyslam of his own. Manning went after Lawler but was thrown over Lawler. Manning said time out and sat down on the bottom rope. Manning got out his Cub Scout manual and was reading it. Lawler went at Manning with many fists to the face. Manning was dazed and danced around the ring. Lawler got ready and gave him another big punch to the face. Manning gained control and threw Lawler into the ring post outside the ring. Manning did it again to Lawler. Lawler reversed the third one and put Manning into the ring post. Back in the ring Lawler got knocked down by Manning but Lawler came back with a piledriver for the win. Lawler got out his crowd and put it on his head and posed. Manning got up and poured something out of a thing he brought with him to the ring. About a 10 minute match.

-- Vincent Berry like he did after every match throughout the night plugged the show's sponsors and plugged people buying Northeast Wrestling DVDs in the hallway(which are also sold on &

-- Vincent introduced Poughkeepsie's own Vik Dalishus who will be in a Poughkeepsie Street Fight where the loser leaves Northeast Wrestling. Vik come down to the ring and shoves Vincent down. Vik said he does not want him to interview him. Vik talked about this show being sold on DVD all over the world. Vik talked about his feud with his former best friend. Vik said this company and town is not big enough for the both of them. Vik says tonight Hale Collins will leave Poughkeepsie & NEW forever. Vik lays down on the mat and says all Hale will see at the end of the night is the lights as the referee counts 1 2 3. Vik leaves and gets into with a few fans. A little kid hit him and Security went after the kid.- Velvet Sky vs. Melina. Ref Kevin Keenan. Velvet came down to the ring and shook hands with all the fans. Velvet did her usual rope entrance. Melina came down to the ring and did her usual split entrance and talked trash to Velvet before standing up. Melina reached into her one piece outfit and pulled out a wet wipe. Melina made a disgusted face and cleaned the rope from Velvet's entrance. Melina came over to Velvet and made disgusted funny faces to her face. Velvet went back and did her rope humping. Melina ran over and kneed her as Velvet fell into the ring. Melina rammed Velvet into the corner. Melina choked Velvet on the ropes. Velvet reversed a Irish whip and gave Melina a clothesline. Velvet put Melina on the middle rope and gave her a 10 count spanking. Velvet went to the opposite corner and posed to the fans....