UPDATE x 2: James Creek, who was at the RAW taping is disputing the fan with the Nitro sign's claim that he was kicked out over the sign. For what it's worth, we received a second less detailed report from a fan who claims nearly the same thing - the fan and his friends were "extremely drunk & acting like complete idiots". You can see James' comments on it below:

The "fan" was not thrown out over the sign. He wasn't even asked about the sign with WCW on it. He was asked about another of his five signs that had a hashtag on it. He was told first not to hold that particular sign up again. He did, so it was confiscated. He was so intoxicated that he didn't even know which sign the security guard wanted, and handed him three. His entire group were wasted well before the show even started.

Later security approached him again because he was being obnoxious. He and his group were screaming at the top of their lungs, directly into the ears of the kid in front of them, during times when nothing was going on and the rest of the crowd was basically quiet. They were screaming the wrong chants at the wrong wrestlers, again when the rest of the crowd was silent. It just got to a boiling point with several people around them. So security came over, and told them to knock it off or get kicked out.

They left VERY close to the end of the show, during the main event, of their own free will. I saw no one actually kick them out. If they sought out the security guards after leaving, I didn't see that either.

Just thought I'd clarify that WWE was not in the wrong in this one. They were making the show a miserable experience for everyone around them. My brother and I were right next to them the whole time, and it really dragged the show down for me.

UPDATE: As previously reported, a fan was kicked out of Raw for holding a "I Could Be Home Watching Nitro for $9.99" sign at the show. That fan has now posted to Reddit slamming WWE for kicking him out. The fan said that security threatened to arrest him, tried to get his ID and accused them of bullying him. You can read the full response (which is taken from multiple posts in the Reddit thread) below:

Got kicked out of raw for the I could be home watching Nitro for $9.99 sign

I got threatened with arrest. They tried getting my id for records. f–k the entire company. They kicked me out because of the sign. It's fine that I got kicked out but trying to bully me. Bring it. The piece of s–t guy in the suit with the WWE logo on his suit is a little b—h yes man for Vince. They threatened me with everything in the the book and I walked out of the arena on my own will. f–k Vince trips and Steph suck my f–king dick you c–ts

They came up to me at about 9pm and we're like give me the signs. I was like which one. They took one of the three I had and walked away 2 minutes later came back with a big black guy in a suit and asked me to follow them. Which I didn't told them to f–k off. Which they threatened me with arrest and I laughed in their face. After about 5 minutes of time being assholes I walked to th e area where they sell everything and tried talking to them. All I got was surrounded by dick heads in suits telling me WWE didn't like me and wanted me gone. I refused to leave and begged them to bring the Des Moines police department so I could be taken to jail and they wouldn't. I walked down out on my own free will after being fed up with the bulls–t f–k the WWE and their bullying.

ORIGINAL: At last night's RAW, a fan holding a sign that read, "I Could Be Home Watching Nitro...for $9.99" was ejected. Another fan in attendance noted that WWE security came to him on two separate occasions asking for his signs and after the second time, he was walked out and never seen again. The sign was clearly visible on TV during the Divas segment.