-- Following her victory over Eve Torres for the WWE Divas Title on RAW, some of the WWE Divas offered congratulations to Kaitlyn…

AJ Lee: "Despite the fact that I really enjoy punching her face, there is no one that deserves that moment more than Kaitlyn. I'm a proud mama."

Rosa Mendes: "Wow we have a new Divas Champion @KaitlynWWE, she seems to be hitting the weight room quite a bit, well I will be hitting the weight room even more!! This new road to #Wrestlemania diet plan couldn't have come at a better time, I will be a fitness Goddess in three months time. Hang on and enjoy your title reign while its still yours."

Alicia Fox: "Congratulations @KaitlynWWE…. Enjoy your 15 mins of Fame!! Xoxox #TheCLOCKisTICKING #FoxyingisaFULLTIMEJob!!"

Tamina Snuka: "#Raw20 Wow @KaitlynWWE NEW DIVAZ CHAMP Enjoy it while it last cause a Statement Will be made and shown in the NEAR Future #Congrats"

-- Here are the latest updates to the WWE Classics OnDemand service..

The Big Events:

* WWF Judgment Day 2000

Classics Rewind:

* Monday Night Wars: Nitro 8/11/97

* Monday Night Wars: Raw 8/11/97

* Tuesday Night Titans 9/27/85

* The Rock: The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment Parts 3 & 4

Come Get Some:

* Three Stages of Hell: Steve Austin vs. Triple H No Way Out 2001

* Table Match: The Rock & The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge, Christian & Kurt Angle Raw 12/11/00

* No Holds Barred Match: Triple H vs. Mankind Raw 8/16/99

* Street Fight: Shane McMahon vs. Kurt Angle King of The Ring 2001

* Match to Become The First WWF Undisputed Championship: (WCW) World Champion Chris Jericho vs. WWF World Champion Steve Austin Vengeance 2001


* Lita: It Feels Right

Stone Cold:

* Winners take all titles: WWF Champion Steve Austin & WWF Intercontinental Triple H vs. WWF World Tag Team Champions The Undertaker vs. Kane 4/29/01

* WWF Championship: Kurt Angle (c) vs. Steve Austin Raw 10/8/01

* Steve Austin vs. Curt Henning Raw 2/25/02

* Steve Austin vs. William Regal Raw 12/18/00

TV Classics:

* NWA's WCW on TBS 6/4/88

* Monday Night Raw 12/21/98