Credit: Benjamin Tucker and

Pre-Show Notes:

-- Diamond Dallas Page, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhino are among the non-roster wrestlers in-attendance.

-- John Cena was accompanied by his mom and received boos as the wrestlers and family arrived at their seats.

-- Former WWE Diva Maryse accompanied The Miz to the event.

-- C.M. Punk is in a suit and tweeted a photo with Kofi Kingston, who rides with Punk on the road on Punk's tour bus.

-- Kevin Nash was backstage with Triple H, Sean Waltman, and Shawn Michaels, who posted a photo here.

Live Show Notes

-- Jerry Lawler is hosting the ceremony. There is a big "APPLAUSE" sign for the crowd.


-- JBL said a poor writer tried to help him with his speech. Tucker: Awesome speech by JBL talking about road stories with Taka Michinoku learning some interesting verbiage.

-- Simmons still hasn't aged. Ron talking bout JBL being like a brother to him. He finished a classy speech with... DAMN!

2 -- MIL MASCARAS (inducted by Alberto Del Rio)

-- Del Rio gave a short introduction. Mascaras talked a lot about marriage and food.

3 -- FOUR HORSEMEN (inducted by Dusty Rhodes) -- to air on USA Network special

-- Dusty Rhodes made it clear this was about professional wrestling, using the term with emphasis. Rhodes stressed Arn Anderson, making a big deal out of Double A compared to everyone else. He seemed to gloss over Tully Blanchard.

-- Ric Flair was out on-stage looking the happiest he's been since his last HOF induction in 2008. J.J. Dillon spoke first.

-- "Please come back" chants greeted Flair. Flair responded, "I'd like to! Don't question me about that!" Flair was about to cry. He talked about how awesome his career has been, but the Horsemen period was the best. Flair then talked about marital problems with his second wife. He said he watches WWE every week, and made it seem like he can't wait to leave TNA.

-- Barry Windham, acting very humble about the induction, said Blackjack Mulligan was at home recovering.