Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- Former WWE & TNA wrestler Orlando Jordan has opened a wrestling school in Australia. Jordan, who says he felt that Australia needed a proper place to train wrestlers, has received mainstream coverage in the country this week. He had the following to say in a recent interview"I've heard a lot of rumors saying that this is something that I'm not going to be around for, but trust me, I'm going to be here and I'll be very active in everything I do." You can find more information on the school at this link.

-- Kevin Hall sent this one in: Sid Vicious' son Frank Eudy once again survived almost certain elimination on CBS' "Big Brother" program Thursday. This was a "double elimination" week. Eudy was one of the two players nominated both times, and he won the "Power of Veto" competitions both times. That means Eudy was able him to remove himself from the elimination block. Sycho Sid's son has shown a remarkable ability to survive in the house, saving himself several times when he was about to be evicted. Eudy is probably the most athletic person in the house and has also done well in mental competitions. I don't think he has any interest in wrestling, which is a shame. He probably has the potential to do very well.