Brock Lesnar
Brock Edward Lesnar
  • Birthdate: 07/12/1977 (age 39)
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 286 Ib

From a young age, he was wrestling in college w...

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Paul Heyman recently spoke with Busted Open radio about his WWE return and more. Check out the highlights:

On what brought him back to WWE: "Well, Brock Lesnar made the decision to go back to WWE and once he got back in I guess he realized that it's the same boat that it was 10 years ago with all the politics and everything. If you're going to get involved with a whole bunch of politics obviously you need your New York Jew along with you. It was a matter of Brock going back and then it was just a natural fit for me to go back with him. Once I was in there, the first person that obviously I let know I was coming back was CM Punk, who is the person that I was fighting with Vince McMahon over back in 2006 when I decided to leave. So it became a natural fit for us to get back together as well and it just took off from there."

On the differences between working with C.M. Punk and Brock Lesnar: "It's two totally different relationships. My job with CM Punk differs dramatically from my job with Brock Lesnar. It's very easy for me to talk about Brock Lesnar because I am Brock Lesnar's biggest fan, and how could I not be? The man is legitimately the only person in history to hold the NCAA Division I Heavyweight Championship, the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship and the Undisputed WWE Heavyweight Championship. I could talk about him all day long; I am such an admirer of his talents and his greatness and I think the world of him as a human being. As far as CM Punk goes, to be very honest with you, we've never defined my role with him on television; I don't refer to him as my client because we're just friends. We are best friends and we wanted to work together on television. We wanted to work together in front of everybody and so we just did it. I'm there for whatever he needs me to be; whether that's as a confidant or a strategist or be ring side with him when he's wrestling or just hang out with him in the ring and admire him from a close distance when he's actually speaking, because I think he's a better talker than I am. I think CM Punk does the best interviews in the industry, and I'm actually learning from him when I'm standing that close."

On what he saw in C.M. Punk that others in WWE didn't: "It's not that I think I have this great vision for CM Punk, I think everybody else was just blind to it and that's to their discredit more than it's to my credit. I saw a Wrestlemania main eventer. I saw a WWE Champion. I saw a guy that could single handedly carry this industry. He's a rock star; I mean, this guy walks in a room, how do you not just feel the charisma entering? When he walked in here just now, and half these guys are asleep as you can see, and all of a sudden it was like a big jolt of coffee. The guy just has that intangible "it" factor, and he's talented and he's a great wrestler and he has passion for this industry. So, what did I see in him? I saw everything in him. The fact that the other people didn't see that from the moment he walked in their doors is a cry for change."

On why Punk wasn't seen as the next big thing: "He's not cookie cutter. He doesn't want to be cookie cutter. He refuses to be cookie cutter and he will rebel against anything that makes him cookie cutter. So if everyone comes on television and they say the very same thing, 'it's an honor to be here, I put smiles on people's faces,' the first thing he's going to say is, 'I don't put smiles on people's faces, I put frowns on people's faces; I make you not like me.' And others go, 'well, that's not what we say.' And he says, 'Yeah, but that's what I say,' and all of a sudden he's a malcontent, but every great superstar has been trouble. Think it was easy for Vince's father to deal with Bruno Sanmartino? Think it was easy for Vince to deal with Hulk Hogan? Think it was easy for Vince to deal with Stone Cold Steve Austin? The only guy that was easy to deal with was Bob Backlund and he bored everybody to sleep."

On the current state of pro wrestling: "I'm happy with my position within the state of pro wrestling. It's a very interesting weekend to ask me...