The Undertaker
Mark William Calaway
  • Birthdate: 03/24/1965 (age 51)
  • Height: 6'10"
  • Weight: 299 Ib

Calaway began his wrestling career with World C...

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Paul Heyman recently spoke with Here are some additional highlights from what was posted this morning here on …

On The WWE Performance Center: It's a total game-changer. With the exception of celebrity one-offs, so to speak, every future WWE champion, every future Raw superstar, every top-tier SmackDown superstar, every future WrestleMania main eventer, every future Hall of Famer, will come through the doors of NXT. I'm going there because I want to find out who's the talent whose coattails I can ride the same way I've been able to ride the coattails of Brock Lesnar for the last 12 years.

On Renee Young: I am a huge fan of Renee Young. I think Renee Young could host the Super Bowl. She could host the Stanley Cup Finals. She could host Game Seven of the World Series. She could host the entire World Series. She could host the NBA Finals. We are lucky enough to have her on WWE television. Added to the fact she obviously has a tremendous crush on me, I think Renee Young is the best interviewer in WWE history. She brings a legitimacy that no interviewer ever had the talent to do.

On The Crowds "Hijacking" Shows: I know exactly what happened there. The audience is a character in and of itself. The audience cuts their promo for 3 hours and 7 minutes or 3 hours and 10 minutes or 3 hours and 15 minutes. The audience is playing its character and demonstrating to the world that the giant mosh pit the day after WrestleMania that beams across the globe is the place to be. Whether it's a good show or a bad show or quite frankly, a show that blatantly sucks, the most fun you can have is inside that audience the day after WrestleMania.

On Working With Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker: They come from very different beginnings. The Undertaker was a phenomenal athlete that required someone with a long-ranging vision to mold and produce and promote him. That wasn't going to happen in WCW. Vince McMahon saw this raw piece of clay walk in his door and realized he had one of the most enduring performers of this or any other generation for him to promote and present and preserve and build a company around. Brock Lesnar came into WWE with the credibility of being the NCAA Division I heavyweight wrestling champion. He didn't suffer through the territory system with its limited imagination. The moment WWE knew it could sign Brock Lesnar, the company, as a whole, salivated at the opportunity of big money involving this once in a lifetime athlete.

On The DVD The WWE Is Producing: I really don't know much about it. I'm sure WWE has been trying to dig up a lot of dirt on me. You don't have to dig too hard. It will be a snapshot of Paul Heyman at 48 years old, which would be a different look than if he was 38 years old and a different look from when he was 28 years old. If you did this documentary 10 years from now when I am 58, that would be a far different look at me. It's a look at Paul Heyman at this stage of his career, begrudgingly reflecting on what he has accomplished so far and very much passionately looking forward to future things to accomplish in the next stage of his career.

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