Photos Of Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler’s Girlfriends + Roman Reigns’ Wife & Daughter At RAW


— Here is a photo of Roman
Reigns’ wife and daughter sitting in the crowd at Monday’s RAW from Miami,

— Also, here is a photo of
the girlfriends of Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler sitting in the crowd at Monday’s
WWE RAW from Miami, FL:

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  • Froot

    Neither of these two chicks on the bottom pic look younger than 16. You sure one is Lawler’s gf?

    • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

      Haha good one.

    • DarkestKnight

      Beat me to it! Nice one

  • DanielsonFan

    Negative comments in 3,2….

  • does it matter

    I thought Orton was dating that total diva from last season did he dump her when total diva’s dump her lol

    • The Ace That Runs The Place

      I don’t think JoJo and Orton were ever dating to begin with. JoJo is now dating Vader’s son Jesse Allen White

      • Mr. Enforcer

        I thought Orton was married?

  • IHIeisenberg -*Mod Haters*-

    Lawler’s GF looks better than Roman Reign’s wife IMO.

  • Dion Mesa

    In the headline, the girlfriends are first. In the article, the wife and daughter are first. No joke, for the first five seconds I thought Orton’s girlfriend was the chick with the curly hair and Lawler’s girlfriend was the little girl. Had a good laugh.

  • Shieldforlife

    Just like on a Yahoo! Article about the Rock’s girlfriend earlier today, I think he and all those guys could do a lot better, but hey, what’s most important is that they are happy. I was expecting all their girlfriends to be super hot, but hey, I guess they aren’t shallow people, even for celebrities, that’s pretty respectable, to be honest.

  • Slow kindergarten Teacher

    They look like other & dogter o’0 kan you konfri that Ryan?

    • ape

      What is a konfri? Please tell me it’s some type of food.

      Is a dogter part dog part daughter?

  • Guest

    — Here is a photo of Roman Reigns’ wife and daughter sitting in the crowd at Monday’s RAW from Miami, FL:

    WAIT A MIN O.o ?

  • burning_justice

    Hear that? That’s the sound of 20 million RR fangirls committing suicide.

  • ChefRamsey

    “Photo of Randy Orton and Jerry Lawlers girlfriends”

    Oh Ortons gf has a nice perm and Lawlers girlfriend looks about the right age….oh wait, that’s Roman Reigns’ wife and daughter.
    I really must learn to read first.

  • box5

    Fuck looks it’s all about who is gonna hold you down and have a great understanding of your work and all the time you have to put in away from home. And that’s the main reason eddie married vicky. If You want looks bang a diva and some cute rats on the side but you don’t wife em Just for some fap specialist online to say “he has a hot girlfriend” Yell

    • The_Repo_Man

      i see you got a fat wife bud want me to REPO her??

  • GeneticJackhammer

    This website is one big botch.