​PHOTOS: The Undertaker Out-Of-Character, Austin/JR


— WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin
posted the following message on his official Twitter account regarding his
surprise appearance at Jim Ross’ “RINGSIDE” stage show on Thursday night in New

— The following are photos of Undertaker
out-of-character at WrestleMania AXXESS in New Orleans on Saturday:

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  • Van D

    A sign of things to come maybe? Maybe American Badass?

    • Ben

      I would mark if undertaker take rides down on his motor bike, but don’t think that will happen

    • wasteofmoneytna

      this has become a common thing for him lately

    • deadsector

      it would be much easier for him if he could be the American badass again paves the way for him to go out in such a way that he can say good bye properly instead of just vanishing.

  • Jorge T Gonzalez

    That’s how he always dresses the American bad ass character was him in real life pretty much

  • deadsector

    well he can’t go around wearing that jacket and wrestling gear all the time can he?

  • Ramasez

    His beard looks like a chin guard.

  • Edge(Derek of Team Canada)

    Why does everyone continue to make a big deal of him in street clothes? As if it’s his first time in 25+ years to break character! He broke character when he came back as American badass and saved the rock! Outta character at every UFC! Outta character when he got married! Etc. stop acting like it’s something shocking and new.

  • “BlaqCard”

    Lol… Some bodies been using them emmit smith products… “Dude, your beard is weird, your stache is trash……… Oh it’s baaaaaaad” lol