The rock
The Rock
Dwayne Douglas Johnson
  • Birthdate: 05/02/1972 (age 44)
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Weight: 260 Ib

Johnson was a college football player for the U...

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The Rock said during a Q&A session on his Twitter that G.I. Joe: Retaliation's recent release date move could limit his WWE appearances for promoting WrestleMania 29. Check out the highlights from the Q&A:

On the film's impact to his WrestleMania appearances: "It may, bud. Not sure right now. We're all trying to work it out though."

On whether he would accept a potential challenge from Brock Lesnar: "I loved wrestling Brock Lesnar. We had epic matches. He's my good bud and one of meanest SOB's walking. #RockTalk."

On who he would have liked to have wrestled but never did: "Would've loved to have wrestled Randy 'Macho Man' Savage. I idolized his in ring work & mic skills. What charisma.. #RockTalk."