Here are some post RAW tweets from various members of the WWE roster…

John Cena: "Great crowd tonight in Greensboro! Steel horse on its way to Norfolk for my favorite time of year. #TTTT"

Jim Ross: "@antoniocesaro & @WadeBarrett will both be in WrestleMania main event level bouts in the near future. Why? They're smart/aggressive/driven."

Vickie Guerrero: "Ok...ok...everyone is upset with me...BUT at least my actions on RAW were pleasing to Mr. McMahon #CougarInCharge"

AJ Lee: "I may have gotten lucky tonight @TaminaSnuka , but you should've been smarter. Never turn your back on a crazy chick."

Wade Barrett: "Heaven knows I'm miserable now, but at #TLC, my mood will improve considerably. #NewICChamp"

Antonio Cesaro: "Despite the @WWEUniverse's best efforts, I'm still the #USChampion #Superior"

Kofi Kingston: "BAD: Didn't win the US Championship. GOOD: I'm still IC Champ, which means: champ vs champ match's still on..Gonna get real UGLY. #MainEvent"

Ricardo Rodriguez: "Did you all see how @VivaDelRio destroyed @TheSinCaraWWE ?! #Lucha"

Scott Sanford: "Miz TV makes the Jerry Springer Show look like Dr Oz!"