WWE.com has posted a video of Randy Orton discussing his return to the company following his "60-day vacation." You can watch the video here. Here are some of the comments from the video…

"I got to say, I am very rested due to my 60-day vacation. The guys threw me a party today and set the stage on fire. I feel better than ever, and I have not felt as good as I do today.

Well I have been home watching, and have seen Slater calling out these legends. I used to do the same thing, I am the original legend killer, and he isn't even doing it right. He is like the reverse legend killer, I do not even know what you call that.

He got his ass kicked last week at the 1,000th Raw, and sorry Heath, your going to get your ass kicked when you talk like that and Randy Orton is backstage."

Here is a video of Randy Orton's return on WWE RAW this week: