Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- Last night on RAW, Ryback interrupted the "Miz TV" segment, trashing the set and chasing off Miz. Ryback will now be challenging for the Intercontinental title, which was a call by Vince McMahon as a way to push Ryback to the next level. For those wondering, we can now confirm that the fan who grabbed the live microphone last night and yelled "Goldberg, Goldberg!" was not ejected from the building by security.

-- Trendrr reports that last night's episode of RAW earned a 255, 107 in social media activity, down 38% from last week's RAW. Last week had a score of 413,537, mostly due to Jerry Lawler's heart attack during the program. The week before, the show earned a 295,822 in social activity. This was the lowest social media score for the three-hour RAW era. It was ranked #2 on cable TV behind ESPN's Monday Night Football, which ranked #1 with 712,603 in social activity.