Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, there is still discontent backstage in WWE over pay issues. Among the issues are the royalty checks for video games; according to sources the top guys got around $1,555 in royalty checks for the second quarter. This is a hefty drop from previous years and even from the first quarter, where the top names got $11,700 (compared to $70,000 in the first quarter last year).

In addition, with the dress code back to being enforced, talent who don't dress professionally in public are being fined. Talent is also being fined for showing up late to events, in some cases even a minute late could result in fines.

Talent is now holding out for their WrestleMania 30 pay, which still hasn't come. The checks are supposed to be mailed out next week and no one has been told anything about how the pay will be determined. If it is based off pay-per-view revenue and not the WWE Network, it will cost the talent a lot of money as most people are now viewing PPVs via the Network. On the other hand, if it is based on a Network percentage, it could be more.

We shall see!