Rikishi posted the following to Twitter in response to his not being used for last night's "Old School" episode of Smackdown:

I wanted to be there with my sons @WWEUSOS but you know the deal. #NoDeal I want what I want @WWE!!! Sry fans maybe next time on @TERRITORYLEAGUE

U can't play this . I put in my time to call my own shots in this business.. find another SUCKER !!! You loss I WIN ...

Dnt be scared to put me on TV . I won't steal the show. But you know I'm damn sho gonna give the ppl what they wanna see.POP GOES THE CROWD

You say #blastfromthepast . I say #blastmyazz .. I'm too legit to quit !!! Dancin off u can't touch this !! Ppls request ,, #kidgames

The ppl are NOT stupid !! I see all ur tweets... I'm not a greedy man . I'm a fair man !! But I'm NOT dumb either. POP GOES THE CROWD !!