Former ROH co-owner Rob Feinstein went in depth on Facebook on the Perverted Justice undercover sting from 10 years ago. For those that don't know the story, Feinstein was the subject of a "To Catch a Predator" type of show and he was allegedly caught trying to set up a meeting with an underage boy. That led to him being bought out by ROH. We will have more on this shortly but you can read Rob's post below. It has been deleted but it is up at

Rob Feinstein

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Since you asked a few questions, I will take the time to give you a few answers. In doing so, my words will get twisted, people will call me a liar, but I felt that I would shed some light on some of the inaccuracies that you had written.

I honestly won't respond again because I am going to say what I have to say and move away from this page as I was told about the thread. Posting on a board on FB or any message board for that matter about this matter will do nothing for me as I have seen that over the last ten years and I have moved on from this subject a LONG time ago.

First of all none of you know me personally. You all have read about me or heard about the incident. Nobody except a few people know what led up to that day. Nobody knows what was going on internally in my office between Cary and myself and a few other close staff members. Nobody knows the internal fighting that was going on and how Cary wanted to start his own RFVIDEO by filming indy shows and doing shoot interviews. Nobody knows how I was going to fire a few key staff members before that day in March of 2004. To fully understand you fully need to know what I was dealing with for about 60 days that led up to that day.

I had one key member of my staff that was telling Cary that he should split away from me and that he could start his own version of RFVIDEO with him. This fight all started over a raise that I refused to give him because he was already being paid by myself. Cary wanted Syd to get a raise and I refused to give him one, so Cary started to pay him with his own money as a bonus which caused major heat. This was not a normal raise but Cary wanted Syd to get another $1000 from me per month to over see the company. It made zero sense because he already was getting a pay check from us to do that very same job. There was something not right going on between the two during this time. I was fighting on a daily basis with Syd who I could not fire because Cary had given him a raise with his own money and basically told me if Syd was let go he would stop funding the company.

I also found out that Cary and Syd were talking a lot behind my back in early 2004 and they would deny it to me. I was told there were closed door meetings and I was being kept unaware of them because they were doing them out of my office but I was told to another office worker at the time who was close with Syd who was aware of them.

A month before the incident I had a MAJOR power play with Cary once again at the ROH show in Baltimore MD where Cary asked for majority ownership of ROH or again he threatened that he would not pay any of the talent that night and he would also stop funding the company. In 2004 I needed his money or there would not have been a ROH. I also was bringing someone into the company that was going to be a major investor and who was going help us with the booking but that person could not come in for at least a year. There were a few key people who knew if this were to happen they were going to loose power. Syd for one did not want this person to come into the office because he was very threatened by him. Around this time he was one of my worst enemies who worked in my office. You have no idea how bad I wanted to fire him and was going to, but waiting for the right time because I could not fire him until I had someone that I had lined up to come into the company that way I did not have to rely on Cary to fund the company. Internally the office...