-- At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE stock was at $14.44 per share.

-- WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts also didn't post a video of his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Roberts did post proof that he donated money though as he posted the following on his Instagram page:

"Thank you to those who have nominated me for a great cause. I think it's amazing that als-ny.org is raising lots of money as well as awareness for ALS. In honor of that I have also matched my ALS donation for MichaelJFox.org to fight Parkinson's. I now nominate not 3, but all of my friends to either A) Take the ice bucket challenge AND donate to ALS or B) Donate to ALS as well as another charity of your choice #gamechanger"

-- UPDATE: After refusing to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. a fan on Twitter asked RVD if he would at least donate to the cause and RVD replied with the following:

"For validation? Brag that I "helped"? I'll keep my efforts private"

-- ORIGINAL: Rob Van Dam posted the following to Twitter today in response to some ALS Ice Bucket challenges: