-- Here are tonight's confirmed TNA iMPACT! matches:

* Kazarian vs. Crazy Steve
* Handicap Match: Magnus and Bram vs. Willow
* James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson
* Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim
* X-Division Title Match: Sanada © vs. Tigre Uno vs. Zema Ion
* TNA World Title Match: Eric Young © vs. MVP

-- TNA has posted comments from Robert Roode after being 'indefinitely suspended' by MVP:

"I think this is an abuse of power and I think this is bullshit. Two weeks ago, Eric Young and I tore the house down. We made a deal to do it again last Thursday night and then MVP inserted himself into this, had me thrown out of the arena and now, today, I found out that I've been suspended. Not only that, but he names himself the #1 contender and schedules a title match. Let me tell you something, if there is anyone who deserves a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Slammiversary, it's me. Eric Young and I have a lot of history and I gave him one hell of a match even after I went to war with Gunner earlier in the night. MVP hasn't earned a damned thing and he sure as hell lost the respect of all of us in the back."