Brian Fritz of The Orlando Sentinel posted a big article on the WWE Performance Center. We noted earlier today that the Performance Center recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. Bo Dallas, Terry Taylor and Bill DeMott are all featured in the article.

When asked what he thought when Triple H first came to him with the idea of the Performance Center, Bill DeMott said:

"I thought he was a little nuts in a good way. Think big, right? Think big, make big things happen and that’s what he did."

Bo Dallas also discussed how the Performance Center has helped him, saying:

"Coming here, I sharpened and fine-tuned everything I had and needed. What I thought of as myself as a performer, I looked back and was like, ‘Wow, I improved from where I was.’ I thought I was ready and then saw the improvements I made which were unbelievable. It makes the transition from down here to up there (the WWE roster) so much easier because you’re prepared for what they need you to do. It’s not like you’re jumping into a whole other world. You’re prepared for what they need."

DeMott also chimed in with the following:

"I think the expectations are higher, and I think that falls back on this coaching staff and everybody here. The nice connection from main roster to developmental is we’re working like that -- which we always have been -- but there’s less of a gap and they’re TV ready."