Erm, the title of this post sounds bad!

Shane Douglas took part in a Q&A and welcomed everyone to their first show in NYC bringing back Extreme.

A fan asked whether they would be using Youtube for Extreme Rising TV. Douglas said that he's still trying to wrap his brain about social media but its an amazing medium to promote the show and it's cheaper than buying advertisements online. He said that social media is amazing when you look at the political changes it's brought to the world.

Shane was asked about the criticism of the video promoting Sabu's return. Douglas said that having been involved in ECW, it had angles based on crucifixions, the death of Tommy Dreamer, etc. and pushing the tasteless envelope was part of ECW. Douglas said that when TMZ was calling and asked for information, they couldn't respond with anything because the hospital wouldn't provide them with real information. They had heard at one point that he was in a coma and at one point that he had died, but it wasn't true. His concern was that his friend was safe and was well. He said that once he knew that, they had a heart to heart. Shane said that he knows how tough it is to overcome addiction. He said that Sabu has a lot to give to the business still. He said that it wasn't like anyone hadn't seen the footage already, they wouldn't have used it. Well, that was a lie. I think he meant that they used the footage because people were aware of the situation or saw the Justin Credible photo of Sabu all messed up. He said that the important news is that Sabu is clean and sober and his final chapter hasn't been written. He's proud to have Sabu back.

Shane was asked about Tommy Dreamer's new promotion. Douglas said that he was aware of it and Dreamer has a great head on his shoulders and worked in the WWE and ECW offices. Douglas said that he believes that the future of wrestling is that it's going to go back to what it was. He said that he believes that after the money Panda Energy "flushed away" on TNA, he doesn't believe another corporation will offer anyone a ton of money to run a company. He said that they started with zero dollars and turned away 600 people on Philly and took that money to seed the events this weekend. Douglas said they made a profit on the first show and put it back into the advertising and the rent. He said that every three and a half weeks at the ECW Arena was a make or break show for ECW and that's the truth and it's the same now with this promotion. They can see that they are connecting with the audience every week and they can monitor the influx of blogs and emails and feedback. If they do something wrong, they have to stand up and face the criticism, which is why he did the Youtube statement a few days after their debut event. He said that like the original ECW, they will learn from their mistakes and they will never screw or lie to their fans. He wants to bring back the realism, the fun and the extreme attitude. He said that he wants to give those of us who love the business something they love.

Douglas was asked about his greatest match or feud in his career. Douglas said that his first match was memorable as it was a barbed wire match and he was teaming with Dominic DeNucci. Wrestling Eddie Gilbert and winning the UWF TV title. He said Gilbert gave him his first break and the business lost a lot losing Eddie. He said that working with Steamboat was a big deal and he felt that the company wouldn't put him with Steamboat unless they saw something in him. He said that he learned so much every night with Steamboat. Steamboat was such a gentleman that he would alternate which of them would get the heat on them and make the hot tag to the other guy. Steamboat would often take the heat when he wasn't supposed to in order to help Shane get the hot tag and improve at making the big babyface comeback. His first match with Terry Funk, which was a 45 minute Broadway. He said that Paul Heyman wanted to recreate the idea of the 60 minute man and Funk pulled him through and created that. He said Funk really made him a heel.

Douglas was asked about working with John Laurinaitis as the Dynamic Dudes. He said that they got along pretty well back then when they were...