Shawn Michaels and television co-star Keith Mark appeared on 810-AM sports radio in Kansas City on Friday to promote his appearance at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. Michaels and Mark will through the ceremonial first pass during the game against the Dallas Cowboys.

It appears as though an upcoming HBK appearance on RAW may have been revealed accidentally.

Near the end of the interview, the co-host said: "And Shawn's doing great, he's going to be doing some really great things on Raw over the next couple weeks."

HBK then said that the co-host "must be looking at all those Twitter things".

Whether or not Shawn was trying to cover his tracks or if it's not true remains to be seen. He could fit into the Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H angle, as he has history with both men. For those unaware, Shawn used to train Daniel Bryan.