Shawn Michaels recently spoke about his final match and being called Mr. WrestleMania. Here are the highlights…

On Losing His Final Match: "I can't think of a better way. I know a lot of people's natural thinking think like winning matches would be the way, but for me, obviously it's more about performance and quality of the matches as a whole. I don't know if I could have ended it on any higher note than the way that I did."

On The Mr. WrestleMania Nickname: "Like so many of my names, they're just things that I spit out of my mouth on TV during a promo," Michaels said. "For, over time, people to recognize you as ‘I think you have every right to call yourself that guy because you do xyz.' That's always flattering. That's never the motivation. The motivation is always just to sound cool on a promo when I'm saying stuff. To sort of be labeled the guy who has the quality of matches at the right time in the right place is not a bad reputation to have."