Sheamus Back On Twitter: Says He’s Not Triple H’s Workout Buddy


Sheamus went on twitter today to set the record straight on things he’s read online. You can see his tweets below.

Author link: CM Punk’s ex-girlfriend speaks!

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  • disqus_pMhmwyBFzq

    Back to me day off? What is he a leprechaun.

    • Rayquaza

      He’s Oirish

  • Jay Dunckley

    Grown men on Twitter are such ass-clowns.Social media=Ignorant morons.

  • burning_justice

    Nobody cares what you got to say, Sheamus.

  • ThatOnePerson:TheIWCDoesn’tExi

    They’ve been paying close attention to the internet lately. HHH you suck! Bury me on RAW okay??

  • Rudy Perez

    Your only like 3 years late Sheamus….

  • Shieldforlife

    Sheamus, your tweets are almost as boring as your matches and lame character.

  • BO

    Sheamus, look at how insecure you’ve made everyone.

  • Dragi316

    Now back to me Lucky Charms Fella

  • Paco G-H

    who made Beaker so angry

    • Shovel H

      He can’t find his lucky charms

    • BO

      He’s a heel now, he’s working ya 🙂

      • He is? Really?

        • BO

          Yep, started becoming one on Monday.

          • Wow. I guess I was so bored I didn’t notice. Sheamus usually means bathroom break.

          • BO

            I think he’s a boss in the ring, but out of it, what a drag. But he’s turning heel now, so that’s good.

          • I really enjoyed it when he started, wrestling style and gimmick too. He was a tough sob. When he won that Jesse Ventura title shot and then went on to face Cena etc, he was pretty damn good. Then they noticed kids liked him and had to turn him into Cena 2.0. I hope he gets back to where he started and that’ll be awesome.

          • BO

            I remember mitb 2011 the crowd pretty much turned him, they were loving Sheamus in Chicago that night, he became a quality heel. For some reason wwe thought he’d be perfect as a low rent Cena lol, I think he’s a decent heel.

          • I think he’s got the ability but hope he doesn’t turn stale like Orton who I once saw as the future of the company. It might not be too late for the fella.

  • Shovel H

    “Back to finding me that pot of gold” now that I believe.

    • ThatOnePerson:TheIWCDoesn’tExi


      • Shovel H

        It gets bigger the more people I bury.

        • ThatOnePerson:TheIWCDoesn’tExi


        • He keeps two shovels in each nostril.

  • Krueg518

    LOL why is he responding to the sheets?

  • BO

    I think it’s fucking brilliant how wwe are working the dirt sheets regularly now, they still know how to do their job, and everybody falls for it every time. Not everyone, just enough. Keep heelin’ Sheamo.

  • DanielsonFan

    WWE are forever refer to the Irish as “Brits” or being apart of the UK, it’s really annoying at times and I’m not even Irish.

    • paddy

      well half of them are british and part of the uk

      • DanielsonFan

        Northern Ireland, yes, i know. But they always refer to Republic.

      • Peter Lopez

        This is where you are incorrect. Republic of Ireland makes over 3/4 of the ‘island’ and homes nearly 5 million people. The rest is Northern Ireland (the British section) which has a population of 1.8m. So no, only around a quarter of them are British.

        • paddy

          I fully apologise for not having my exact figures ready when I posted on the website…..(There’s some sarcasm littered around in there somewhere) My underlining point is really who the fuck cares? A lot of them may well be Northern Irish for all we know and I’m pretty sure that there is heavy emphasis on Sheamus being Irish rather than British. His name is Sheamus for starters, the most stereotypical Irish name there is

          • Peter Lopez

            I will over look the sarcasm and say you’re welcome, now you know the facts. You came here to say “who the fuck cares” but you also learnt something! How many web sites can boast that impressive feat?
            I would also like to say this – Jack is the most common name in ireland and Patrick is the most over used stereotype. Yay, more learning! 🙂

  • Lewis Michie

    Man it really has been myth busting year hasn’t it, First Paul Heyman tells everyone why ECW really failed (which would make half the shit people on the internet speak false) Sheamus has stated the “work out buddy” thing which has become a fact to quite a lot of people is actually false, I wonder when people will learn the internet isn’t a very reliable source.

    • Krueg518

      What did Heyman say now?

      • Lewis Michie

        ECW were owed large amounts of money by a pay per view company and had they gotten a tv deal they would have been given that money and been okay, of course Paul Heyman isn’t necessarily being truthful either but I don’t see how lying about it would benefit him now any way, I don’t know what every single Internet rumor about ECW is but I’ve heard a lot that contradict what Heyman said and I’d obviously take the guy who was actually theres word for it over some random article on the internet. You’d have to listen to Heymans interview with Steve Austin to really understand what Heyman said, he went into a lot of detail, had a lot of facts and figures etc.

        • Krueg518

          Thanks for the info need to check it out but man i heard stories about ECW idk what to believe anymore. I remember that shit about vince backing it for years. I was so confused. I know it may have been in a storyline but made zero sense.

      • Best in the World

        It was on Austin’s podcast. Worthwhile 90 minutes

  • Booman Reigns

    He’s not HHH’s bubby he’s HHH’s bitch.

  • theresidentone

    Breaking news HHH future endevour’s Sheamus:

    • Partys Over Grandpa

      Even the water bottle is getting pedigree’d

    • Mike

      I just love how happy King looks here

  • Paco G-H

    much like Sin Cara, Sheamus is also replaceable

    • Dan K

      I disagree…but to each their own.

  • Sheamus’ new gimmick? POPEYE! “Now. Back to me day off, A-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah-gah!”

  • Steph: hunter sheamus just dissed you guys relationship

    Triple h: oh. Ok. Have him drop the belt to santino’s sock puppet on raw next week.

    Steph: but you realize the cobra isn’t real. A sock can’t be champ

    Triple h: this is huge. It’s what’s best for business. A sock as a champ this will be bigger than David arquette wcw tittle run….hornswoggles cruiser weight tittle run….Chynas and xpacs sex tape…and the XFL’s Super Bowl!

    Steph: i miss Vince.

    Triple h: ( see photo)

    • dude8484

      LOL Santino’s sock puppet! That was great.

  • Is it just me or does he seem really butt hurt and touchy all of a sudden?

    • Master_Seamonkey

      maybe touching?

      • Greg Phillips

        When did Sheamus become a DBZ character?

        • Master_Seamonkey

          ask his hair. lol

      • Krueg518

        Thats one of the most disturbing images i have seen in weeks.

        • Master_Seamonkey

          Thank you. 🙂 I was actually going for that… rarely do, but sometimes you just gotta lol. to bad they deleted my Sheamus surprise buttsex pic lol

    • JeffreyezBagelz

      Maybe part of his slow heel turn?

  • Lying Mark

    Where is live Impact coverage?

  • Partys Over Grandpa

    Breaking News: Sheamus gets in backstage fight with chef at Red Lobster.

    • Mr. Beefcake CT


    • Krueg518

      Another loss?!? LOL

  • WeveCenaNuff

    Wow, taking time during a rare day off to argue over dirt sheet gossip…Sheamus is a huge mark!

  • Kelby Gilmer

    What his tweet should have said: