Michael and Daniel Moody, addressed the passing of their father, William Moody, famously known as Paul Bearer, in a statement on the official website of the legendary manager.

"On behalf of the whole Moody family, we sincerely thank you for the outpouring of love and respect during these difficult times. He is now in paradise with our mother, Dianna, and my son, Troy," the message states. "We just want to leave you with one final thing he would say, "Be Blessed," because we all know were all were blessed to have known and loved him!"

Moody's funeral took place last Saturday at St. Vincent Catholic Church in Mobile, Alabama. Courtesy of PercyPringle.com, here is the eulogy read by his niece, Donna, at the memorial service:

We are gathered here today to celebrate and pay tribute to a man who is well loved. He is loved in so many ways and each one of those ways has a name.

The names are Dad and Grandpaw, William and Moody, Uncle Bill and A-Bill, Percival Pringle the third, "Percy" and Oh Yes…Paul Bearer.

He is loved as Paul Bearer. The family has received such an outpouring of love from his fans all over the country. He is remembered for the fun he brought to their lives. Its just amazing all the people he touched by being Paul. That does not just stop at the fans. There is no doubt the WWE would not have been the same without him. He helped shape the careers of so many wrestlers over the years. He knew the business. He was a student of the ring from the time he was a boy and his dad would take him to the wrestling matches. He was a master of the kayfabe - which means he made it all seem real, the rivalries seemed genuine. And he loved that part of it. I asked him once what was his favorite memory being Paul. He said, "It was the first time I walked into Madison Square Garden. I knew I had made it. I had been there many times after, but it was that first time." What a blessing! There are few people in this world who can follow their dreams and make it happen. And he did.

This brings me to another name and way he is loved.

He is loved as Percy Pringle. These were fun years. He worked hard after he got out of the Air Force. He worked at a funeral home to begin his path as a funeral director, which would become his steady job to fall back on. He worked for an ambulance service, and he worked at following his heroes, building his life in the wrestling world. Over these years his hair grew, and finding out he was more fit for managing than wrestling, he dyed it blonder (only to have it shaved off later in the ring and replaced briefly by a pink wig!) He became a success locally in the corner of the ring, and helped others to find success too. These are the years he met his future bride, the love of his life, Dianna, and his first child, was born. This is when our family all lived close and we were younger and healthier. We did not have much and we did not need much. We listened to old country music while we played penny poker games out in the yard. We tried to record when Percy was on TV with a Super 8 camera and a cassette tape. And the friends he had back then were his closest friends for life. Wanting better for his family, he moved to Texas achieving his degree in Mortuary Science. He and his young family returned closer to home with a better job, Then Percy started to travel. We all know how he climbed his way up to Florida, then Texas. And his second son was born. The Percy Pringle years had some of the greatest moments in his life, except the birth of his grandchildren. Including the call from the WWF. But He said himself in Percy's blog , "Long story short, In my opinion, it doesn't matter if you are a good guy or a bad guy in wrestling, it is what you have done outside of it that matters most."

Outside of the ring, to Aunt Diane, old friends and family he was William or Moody. When he really had them laughing, it was Moody-Please!! It was best when we were all together and he had us laughing, especially when we were sharing the things that he loved. Like Country Music. It was always there. Getting to meet one of his idols George Jones on several occasions and take...