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The entire lower bowl was full. I was told by the head of security they oversold about 50 tickets on the lower bowl, even though they did have to get seat fillers. The people that didn't get to sit on the floor/lower bowl, they opened up one section in the upper bowl above the hard camera to seat them. The rest of the upper bowl was curtained off.

The biggest pops of the night had to be The Shield followed by Natalya. Yes, Natalya. Sheamus and Bray Wyatt got big pops, as well.

There were no CM Punk chants, at all.

Triple H's promo to open the show (the Sheamus/Heath Slater was a Main Event dark match which seemed pointless) was further expanding on the "Occupy" movement. It seemed super dated by saying the crowd got what they want, but then went back to their over-mortgaged homes and poor people things, while he flew on a jet eating "mignon on lobster tail" to a mansion. This seems so contrived and dated.

The WWE Network Promo with Hulk Hogan drew boos, while the repeated Scooby Doo commercials drew silence. Do kids these days even know about Scooby Doo?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio was a good match, even if Ziggler's post-match speech about entering the Battle Royal to get his WrestleMania Moment seemed forced and un-Ziggler like.

After three hours, I grew super tired and am glad it wasn't a four-hour Raw.

This definitely felt like a B house show. When the main event is Kane and Big Show, you know it's not one they're shelling out the big guns.

One last funny side note, one of the broadcast team members (looked like Tony Chimel) was sitting right in front of us with the other production guys. He came back to his seat and someone was sitting in it. He looked at him and said "Move Dumb Ass!" but not in a playful way. The guy in the seat was obviously just ribbing him, but the announcer guy was seriously pissed. I mean, that chair looked comfy and all, but he came across as a super douche bag.