It was revealed at Thursday night's WWE SmackDown taping (airing next Friday night) that Christian is the new number one contender for Alberto Del Rio's World Heavyweight title. Christian won a triple threat match featuring himself, Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton. Christian and Alberto Del Rio will be facing off at WWE's SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Here is an excerpt from our WWE SmackDown **SPOILER** report for next week:

Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian (#1 Contender's Match) - And we have our new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship: Christian. Christian defeated Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton in the triple-threat match to earn the shot at Alberto Del Rio at SummerSlam. The finish came when Orton hit an RKO on RVD. Following the RKO, Christian rolled Orton up for the 1-2-3. SmackDown went off the air with World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio attacking the new number one contender Christian.

A photo of Christian celebrating at the SmackDown tapings following his big win during the main event has been circulating on Twitter. Full **SPOILERS** for this week's and next week's WWE SmackDown broadcasts are posted on the main newsboard. Full **SPOILERS** for next week's RAW and next week's Main Event/Superstars broadcasts are also posted on the main newsboard. We're all set with the TV tapings through next week. What a long week this has been, huh?!