Credit: Ashley & Christopher & Glen and PW Torch

Dark Match: Ted DiBiase beat Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley). DiBiase won with Dream Street. Before the match, Dibiase got a great reaction and Ambrose cut a typical heel promo how we should respect him although we suck.


Matt Striker and Josh Mathews were on commentary:

(1) The Usos beat Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman. The Usos won in two-and-a-half-minutes after Bateman abandoned Curtis.

(2) Trent Barreta beat Curt Hawkins (w/Tyler Reks) after Tyler Reks tried to interfere. The crowd wasn't into the match at all, after being into the first two, as they didn't know who to root for or didn't care. Earlier, Trent and Reks locked Yoshi Tatsu in a closet.

(3) Kaitlyn beat Maxine with a roll-up after Bateman came out and distracted her, which was the only highlight of the match that was replayed. Bateman then proceeded to speak the lyrics of "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" crescendoing in song, before he was jumped by Johnny Curtis.

(4) Tyson Kidd beat Percy Watson in five minutes. It was a typical match and the crowd had mixed support.

(5) Titus O'Neil beat JTG (w/Tamina). Darren Young joined commentary. The match was decent and, afterward, Young, who selling a broken arm, threw off his sling and beat down O'Neil with JTG's help.


Matt Striker and Josh Mathews were on commentary.

(1) Justin Gabriel beat Heath Slater with the 450 Splash. Good match that got the crowd pumped. Gabriel got a good ovation and everyone was clearly against Slater, who was the target of many Wendy's jokes.

(2) Hunico beat Ezekiel Jackson with a Swanton bomb. The crowd was behind Zeke, who showed some hair growth. Hunico, who had came out on a bike, had some nice spots in the corner. Hunico won after slipping on the top rope, yet connecting with a high-risk move.


Booker T had the biggest pop so far at the TV taping and Michaeal Cole got the most boos yet.

Big Show came out to cut a promo about working hard to get the World Title back. When he mentioned Daniel Bryan, it was met with a mixed reaction. They cut to a clip from Raw of Josh Mathews asking him if he was mad about losing the title, to which Show said he was proud. Mark Henry came out to boos and cut a promo on how Show should be mad and quit wrestling. Henry demanded his re-match right before Daniel Bryan came out. He said he wasn't big or strong, but he is the champion. Show and Henry argued over who got a re-match and Teddy Long came out to announce they would fight tonight to determine the number one contender.

(1) U.S. champion Zack Ryder beat IC champion Cody Rhodes via the Rough Ryder after Booker T distracted Cody by singing Cody the Red Nosed Reindeer. The crowd was behind Zack, and also firmly behind Booker. The match started somewhat cold and ended really hot.

After the match, Santino was in Teddy Long's office applying to be Assistant to the GM. Aksana interrupted, then Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler came in. Dolph asked for a match with Daniel Bryan, and, of course, Teddy obliged.

Big Show vs Henry was next, but David Otunga came out and said the match couldn't happen because Henry wasn't cleared to wrestle. Big Show then hit Otunga with the WMD to end the segment. Coffee spilled all over the canvas from Otunga's coffee mug.

Teddy Long was shown walking when The Miz showed up to ask what he was doing tonight. He also bragged about how many PPV main events he'd been in. He told Teddy he would interrupt the show and wait in the ring until Teddy found someone for him to wrestle.

The Miz then came to the ring and stood there. He threw to clips of him beating up R-Truth and John Morrison. After taunting the locker room, Sheamus came out to wrestle him to a big pop. The best sign I saw was "I'm dreaming of a (Great) White Shea-mas."

(2) Sheamus beat The Miz. Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick after Miz broke out of a High Cross.

Wade Barrett then came out to to heavy boos and cut a promo about the Barrett Barrage and his victories over Randy Orton, not mentioning the loss at TLC. After he wished the crowd a "happy Christmas," he left the ring and Orton came out to attack him. They didn't fight in the ring, but opted for a backstage...