UPDATE: According to a source, the wrong match aired due to human error at Sportsnet 360.

SmackDown is set to the network in segments rather than full episodes. Someone in master control then assembles the segments for the channel, and that person pulled the wrong match for the main event segment. The replays for the episode did feature the correct main event of Miz vs. Reigns.

ORIGINAL: Alberto Del Rio may have been let go from the WWE, but the Canadian WWE viewers were still able to watch a match with him on last night's Canadian broadcast for SmackDown on Sportsnet360. The episode reportedly aired a match between Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio from the previous week instead of the originally scheduled match of Reigns vs. The Miz for this week's main event. The Reigns/Alberto Del Rio match did not air last week because it was preempted during a tennis match.