...from a manpower perspective. Late last year we lost a key member of our staff for several months due to a medical emergency. This was a huge setback. However, we were getting back on our feet with DVD production when we had to make some choices.

It is no secret that DVD sales are down everywhere. You just have to walk into the shrinking DVD section of Best Buy to see that. Now don't get us wrong, we still know that DVD collectors are plentiful and many of you want to own our shows. We appreciate that and we will always serve you with high quality DVDs that play anywhere in the world with top notch packaging and production. Our recent Mercury Rising 2012, Open The Ultimate Gate 2012, Heat and EVOLVE 11: Finlay vs. Callihan DVDs prove that.

We were faced with a choice earlier this year: Put our limited staff and financial resources into DVDs or www.WWNLive.com iPPV? It is clear that iPPV is the future. We heard your demand for it. The growth in iPPV sales, both live and On Demand, backed that up. We made the decision to put our resources, for the time being, into WWNLive.com.

We have been very pleased with the results. We had flawless streams all year, except for an under five minute hiccup due to human error in January, which won't happen again. WWNLive.com On Demand also has every DGUSA and EVOLVE show in history available to watch anytime. This has given us the opportunity to run a huge sale the whole holiday season where every show is 33% if it happened in 2012 to almost 50% off for all shows from past years.

In addition, we have seen growth with several partners including Kayfabe Commentaries, Combat Zone Wrestling, Extreme Rising, Family Wrestling Entertainment and $5 Wrestling all presenting live iPPVs through WWNLive.com. The emergence of this platform also paved the way for the SHINE promotion to be launched. In addition, several other promotions have taken advantage of the On Demand option to showcase their brands.

You can also now watch iPPVs at WWNLive.com on your iPhone, iPad, Droid device and just recently Xbox 360 and PS3. We have learned that both Xbox 360 and PS3 play our On Demand streams flawlessly, but you can only watch live events on PS3.

This has all happened in under two years! We are thrilled with the results and the best is yet to come. There will be a WWNLive Roku channel launched in early 2013.

This is all good news for DVD collectors. Why? This means that we have gotten WWNLive established so we can turn our resources back to DVD production. We will get the DGUSA and EVOLVE DVDs you want in your hands. In the meantime, we do have several great DVDs for you to catch up on, which you can get at huge discounts until this Friday night.

If you have any questions or comments about the above explanation we welcome it. We appreciate all of your support. It is only with your business that we are able to make WWNLive.com better for you and speed up our DVD production. Thank you for making it happen.


First of all, we appreciate you reading this State Of DGUSA/EVOLVE Address. I want to hear your feedback. What are we doing that you like? What can we improve on? What can we make better for you? Shoot us an email at [email protected] or use the social network buttons at the bottom of this WWNLive Alerts to give us your thoughts. We can only get better with your feeback.

2012 had its successes and failures. In 2013, we will build on the successes and correct the failures. We will end 2012 in style with EVOLVE 18: Gargano vs. Callihan on December 8th and build momentum to the huge WrestleCon weekend on April 5th-7th.

For me, 2012 has been a year of personal growth. My son turned three-years-old in October. I had no idea how to deal with kids before he was born. In fact, I'll admit I pretty much ignored that kids existed. The last few years I have learned how to be a father. When I was with ROH, the company was my life. I lived it 24/7. The result was me going kinda crazy. It's not something I can do now. It might sound weird, but it took me until a few months ago to figure out how to juggle being a dad and a pro wrestling booker. I have now found that balance.

I am really enjoying the Road To WrestleCon we started a few months ago. I look forward to the next chapter unfolding on December