...8th. From there we will add some more events leading to the EVOLVE Title tournament on April 5th and then the biggest DGUSA shows of the year on April 6th and April 7th.

You will see EVOLVE, for lack of a better word, evolve over the next few months to the tournament. The EVOLVE concept was originally developed by Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and I. Davey Richards then came in when Bryan left and had influence. However, we were unable to move forward with him. We tried to stay true to the original concepts, but now a new vision for EVOLVE is emerging. It's not going to be a radical departure from the EVOLVE you know now, but it is time for some tweaks and changes. The new vision will be develop up until April 5th and the crowning of the first EVOLVE Champion.

Our next WWNLive Alerts will be sent when the new www.DGUSA.tv is live. In the meantime, please take advantage of our extended Black Friday Sales in the DGUSA.tv Store. They expire on Nov. 30th at midnight EST. and then they are done for good. Thank you for your time and support. We will close with a look at the EVOLVE 18 lineup.


Gabe Sapolsky