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Steve Austin
Steven James Anderson
  • Birthdate: 12/18/1964 (age 50)
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 252 Ib

Steve Austin gained significant mainstream popu...

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Credit: IGN

Steve Austin recently spoke about his new podcast and more. Here are the highlights…

On Starting His Own Podcast: "I wanted to do a podcast about a year ago, but didn't take the initiative and get going with it. But what I look at it as is a creative outlet, to reach my fanbase. You know, when you're in the WWE, and you're in 160 countries around the world, 30 different languages - and then you get off that ride - you might as well be on a street corner with a megaphone. It's a creative outlet for me to exercise my brain - bottom line."

On The Difficulties of Working in a Large Stadium vs. a Smaller Arena: "When you go to a place like Toronto, the Sundome, the acoustics aren't real good in that place. You can be in there - this actually happened to us in Detroit, when I was refereeing the match between Vince's side and Trump's side - and you think you're stinking up the joint because you can't hear anything. You need those speakers on the ring apron. [In Detroit] we thought we were s***ing the bed out there. That's more on specific, trickier buildings though. On 20,000 seaters versus 70,000 seaters, a couple hours before when you see the setup, it's certainly awe-inspiring, but as far the work goes, as long as the acoustics are good, it's all the same."