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-- Steve Austin posted the following on Twitter today…

Mark Logan sent in this report:

We arrived at the venue around 7:00 and they started letting people in the door right about the same time . The crowd was pretty pumped up already waiting in the cold to get in. Loud "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" chants outside.

We found our seats pretty quickly, we were sitting in the lower bowl, right below the Wrestlemania XXX sign and right off to the side of the kick off panel.

Michael Cole was already at the announcers table when we made it into the arena. At the start of the show Justin Roberts introduced the announce team, JBL then made his entrance to a good reaction, followed by Jerry Lawler who received a nice pop followed by "Jerry" chants.

The New Age Outlaws were over HUGE for the Pittsburgh crowd. They received a loud pop and everyone was into the introduction they do as well. The title change was very unexpected, but everyone around me loved it. It's going to be interesting to see where the New Age Outlaws go from here.

I never realized how impressive the YES! chant was until now, being there in the crowd, pumping my arms along with Daniel Bryan , and chanting YES along with the entire Consol Center is something I will not forget anytime soon.

The Daniel Bryan vs Bray Wyatt was easily the best match of the night as far as I see it. The Rumble itself was a blast , but as far as in-ring action I have to go with this one.

Everyone was really into the back and forth action and the near falls . I also don't know how it came across on TV but there was a nice sized "Holy Shit" chant for both Daniel Bryan 's running tornado DDT off the apron, as well as Bray Wyatt 's Sister Abigail into the barricade. Also, "This is awesome" chants multiple times throughout.

Everyone was disappointed that Bryan didn't pick up the win, however I feel they were more accepting of it because everyone assumed that he would be in the Rumble later that night .

The feeling that I got from the crowd was that not too many people cared one way or the other regarding the Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show match, the crowd seemed more quite here than they did for anything else in the show. The F5 on Big Show got a nice reaction but that was pretty much it. During the post show beat down, the people around me were asking if we could just have the Rumble now, not even paying attention to Lesnar and Show. Near the end of the segment though a small group of people tried to start up a "One more Chair" chant. Funny.

The crowd was pissed when they started to air the Hewitt Jackson Commercial during the event.

Both John Cena and Randy Orton had major go away heat. My friend that attended the event with me was in complete shock over the crowd reaction during the WWE Heavyweight Championship match because he had never seen anything like that before. I side with the crowd on this one.

The chants that got started throughout the Cena and Orton match include "Daniel Bryan " at least four times . "We Want Angle," "Randy Savage," "Y2J," "You Both Suck," "This is Awful," "We Want Divas," and last but not least "End This Match!"

The crowd was more entertained by the wave they got going during the match over anything that Cena and Orton did in the ring. The most positive reaction that the match received was when the Wyatt Family glitch occurred and the place went dark. Once the match had ended, loud "YES!" chants echoed throughout the arena because the match was finally over. After the match when the Wyatt's were dismantling Cena, they were treated like heroes! The crowd absolutely loved it and made it known with their "Thank you Wyatt's chant."

Finally it was time for the Rumble, the crowd popped big for Justin Roberts when it announced it was time for the match. The superstars that received the largest pops during the match were C.M. Punk, Dolph...