Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

-- Steve Austin is ready to clock out from his job as the host of Redneck Island. Through Twitter, the former WWE Heavyweight Champion revealed that he was done filming the third season of the reality TV show. He also stated that someone on the show won $100,000, and that he might have a little tequila, as the show was taped in Mexico.

-- WWE officials have been really impressed with Big E Langston over the last few weeks, and a championship reign is currently being discussed. Many want to put the United States Championship, which was recently won by Kofi Kingston, around his waist. Management wants to test the audience reaction to Langston being a secondary champion before even considering him for the primary belts.

-- For a while there, Fandango was using the flying leg drop like former WCW star Bobby Eaton as his finishing move. However, that takes quite the toll on the body. Plus, it's hard to pull it off quickly during a match. As of late, WWE has had Fandango switching over to the Flatliner, like what Edge and Chris Kanyon used to do.