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-- Below are the quarter-hour ratings for this week's TNA iMPACT!:

Q1: 1.20 rating - Robert Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Sting segment setting up the main

Q2: 1.20 rating - Crimson & Matt Morgan vs. Robbie & Robbie plus post-match angle

Q3: 1.18 rating - Bischoff family segment, other backstage segments, first-half of ODB vs. Winter

Q4: 1.09 rating - End of ODB vs. Winter, Daniels-AJ Styles-Kaz confrontation

Q5: 1.09 rating - Angle-Storm talking session promo involving Sting

Q6: 1.09 rating - Kurt Angle vs. James Storm

Q7: 1.11 rating - End of Angle vs. Storm, Knockouts segments

Q8: 1.09 rating - Robert Roode vs. Jeff Hardy