I get it; you’re all a little upset about the ending of Summerslam. Many of us wanted Daniel Bryan to walk out WWE Champion, myself included. But WWE did give us a lot that we wanted.

Summerslam was a great PPV, let’s be honest. It had 3 or 4 great matches, 3 of them got “this is awesome” chants from the crowd. When I ordered the PPV, I thought that my money may go down the drain originally. I say this because I was really only looking forward to 2 matches.

One match was CM Punk/Brock Lesnar, which certainly lived up to the hype I might add. The other was Daniel Bryan/John Cena.

However, this cool part is that the entire show had something interesting. WWE even gave us a Nattie win for the Diva match. Can we be upset about that?

Truth be told though, everyone is talking about Daniel Bryan/John Cena. The match was probably the best Cena match of the year so far. Bryan did an awesome job in this match as well. Triple H called the match clean throughout. But the story going into the event was Cena’s elbow. Would it hold up, especially when in the “Yes Lock”.

As I mentioned in my article previewing the Cena/Bryan match, Cena’s elbow would surely be targeted and take some damage. It was really banged up during the match and I felt that Cena would tap out if the Yes Lock were to be put on a number of times.

Cena never submitted however. But he was pinned, and pinned cleanly. Bryan did a running knee that looked sick. It was similar to a KENTA knee to me. I have never seen a WWE Title change hands like that, so it was interesting. I thought Bryan would make Cena tap out, so this was an interesting twist.

The end of the match saw Cena shake Bryan’s hand out of respect. Triple H also stuck around to congratulate Bryan. However, “Voices” were in Orton’s head. The Voices told him to cash in and so, he came out with his case, ready to go, baby oil and all.

Confetti and streamers were coming down to congratulate Bryan on his title win when this went down. Bryan saw this, and told Orton to bring it. Orton decided against it and started to walk back. This is when Triple H shocked us all and decided to pedigree Daniel Bryan. It seemed, for a second, that Orton was shocked by this.

Orton thought it would be moronic not to cash in now. So he handed the his Money in the Bank case to the nearest guy with stripes, being Triple H. He then covered Bryan for the 3 count.

Orton cashing in and walking out with his now 10th World Title was not shocking to many. We all expected him to cash in. But few saw Triple H doing what he did before the event took place. It did seem that he stuck around way too long once the match was over. I thought he was still there due to the cash in possibility. The thing was though; he was there for more than one reason.

We saw Triple H turn heel obviously, but that does not necessarily mean that Randy Orton is heel. The man merely cashed in and took advantage of a situation like all MITB winners before him. That does not make one a bad guy.

What will be interesting is to see how Randy Orton acts tonight on Monday Night RAW. We’re obviously going to get answers from Triple H. But will we get heel Orton, or the same face Orton we’ve seen the last few years?

To me, we see heel Orton. It just seems right. This is something many have wanted to see for some time and it’s literally the perfect time to do it. So why not?

I feel that Triple H will say something along the lines of him faking the Bryan love. He wanted Orton to win all along and be the new face of his WWE because he helped to mold Randy Orton from day one. Bryan would not fit into his system because there is no way he could be the face of WWE like Orton could be.

A lot of people are upset that Orton cashed in after Bryan beat Cena clean. But the fact is that this not Bryan’s last chance in the main event scene. It’s obviously not his last chance in the World Title scene. So it seems like Orton/Bryan could be the headlining match at Night of Champions.

Bryan and Orton have had some great matches in the past, so this...