Tamara Lynn Sytch
  • Birthdate: 12/7/1972 (age 41)
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Weight: 118 Ib

Tamara "Tammy" Lynn Sytch is a wrestling manage...

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WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch angrily responded to online wrestling outlets publishing her Facebook status update where she stated admitting herself to the hospital this week complaining of stomach flu and discovering that she has severe gastroenteritis and an enflamed pancreas. Contrary to her previous post, she adamantly states that she does not have 'health issues.'

Sytch wrote, "Yo wrestling websites!! are we not allowed to get sick?? Are we super human or something?? get a grip people...at least quote me exactly instead of leaving out the words you dont like....idiots." She continued, "OK, now Im getting annoyed. Here's the story: I had a stomach flu, was dehydrated from puking my guts out, so I took myself to the hospital to get fluids... the next morning I was fine... it's not like I had to call 911 b/c I was dying! ENOUGH!!!! EVERYONE GETS SICK!"

The former WWE Superstar continued to proclaim to her Facebook friends that she is fine.

"IM FINE NOW..... that's why these dirt sheets are so bogus... it's not like I have "health issues", I had a bug! I've been completely healthy for 2 days now!" Sytch wrote. "I AM better...been fine for 2 days... Im not dying guys..I was puking for 4 days. I appreciate your concern, but if you keep thinking im still sick, the dirt sheets are just gonna eat it up more."

Sytch then explained to her cousin what a 'dirt sheet' is after believing she was talking about dirty bed sheets.

"Oh cousin... dirt sheets, not dirty sheets. they are wrestling websites that spread gossip," Sytch wrote.

It's interesting she never mentions the numerous no-shows and past drug issues that she's previously confirmed she has issues with.

Just last week we reported that Sunny no showed an in-studio radio appearance for VOCNation.com in Philadelphia. The show had confirmed her appearance hours before, and when they sent a car to pick her up, she did not answer the door and no one was there. The show issued an apology regarding the situation.

According to the official Facebook page of Big Time Wrestling, Tammy "Sunny" Sytch no-showed the promotion's shows in Maine several weeks ago. She also no-showed Live Pro Wrestling on Thursday after the promotion paid for her flight and half of her appearance fee. She was replaced by fellow WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas on all three shows.

"Thanks to all the fans who joined us in Saco and Presque Isle! We are very sorry that Tammy Sytch's personal demons prevented her from showing up to the towns. Mr. USA Tony Atlas was a class act as a replacement! We'll see you all again soon!" the promotion stated Sunday afternoon in a message that was deleted hours later.

Sytch has no-showed several advertised appearances in the past year including four other bookings since March. She was recently scheduled to appear for American Icon Autographs at WrestleReunion in Toronto, Ontario but "personal issues" prevented her from appearing at the event. American Icon Autographs stated they have no intention on working with her again after having bailed on the organization a third time.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been battling health problems in recent months; she has stated multiple times on her personal Facebook page being sick and/or hospitalized. Sytch recently claimed via Facebook that she suffered a concussion and a black eye after "taking a bad fall in the rain."

Here is a story we reported on April 12, 2012:

WrestleReunion announced Thursday that Tammy "Sunny" Sytch's scheduled appearance as a vendor guest for American Icon Autographs at this weekend's convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been canceled.

"Feel free to ask them why in person if you need specific details," WrestleReunion states. "However, as we noted, she also no showed two different promoters in Miami two weeks ago."

American Icon Autographs representative Zach Benson stated via e-mail that Sytch is currently dealing with "personal issues," which is preventing her from appearing at the event. Following her third cancellation, they have no intention on working with her again.

"The truth is, we are also losing quite a bit of money over her cancellation, not to mention how disappointed our company is as well. Sunny has cancelled on us twice now, and we have no intention of giving her another opportunity at this point," Benson stated. "She seems to be having "personal issues", and for whatever reason she is unable to attend. Cancellations are one of the few pitfalls of this business when you have to rely on celebrities. This late in the game we are unable to replace her with another guest, because we had no warning that she might not attend....